Review : "August Club"

K B Venu justified the subject in a sense considering the bold theme in his directorial Malayalam film "August Club", meanwhile the film also leave you in some sort of muddled state. The makers have succeeded to put on the authentic display of emotions on the screen and the script of Anantha Padmanabhan works out well with some fine performances from the cast to make this movie a watchable one.....

 The film traverse through the life of Savithri (Rima Kallingal), who has her immense passion for English literature and the game of chess. Savithri is married to Nandan (Murali Gopy), who is working as a corporate executive in a private firm and both have two lovely children. Savithri has different perspective in
her circle of thoughts, while Nandan on the opposite way with sexual thoughts. There enters the Savithri's friend, who kind of emote some intense feel of love around her and ask Savithri to leave her child's to grandparents home on the vacation.

 Savithri wants to spend some quality time with her husband, but her wish wasn't work out due to the busy schedule of Nandan, to make things more complicated Nandan move on to the business trip. In the state of being alone, Savithri finds August Club as the remedy, where she plays chess and equally supported by well wisher KPT Menon (Thilakan). In this August Club, like a game of chess, enters the character Shishir (Praveen Anidil), who has the same interest that of Savithri..., by now story has concerned you can guess the rest of the plot which moves to the climax.

 As far as script is concern, it could be more vivacious rather than some unwanted events that could be avoided. Director K B Venu treated the things under his hands, but again as we mentioned one mistake can take out the rest of good ones. Overall a good attempt from P Padmarajan's son Anantha Padmanabhan and Director K B Venu. Cinematographer Prathap P Nair deserve the special mention here, where his composition of scenes leaves the needful essence of emotions. Music is on the nice part with the hands of Bennet-Veetraag.

 Rima Kallingal approached the character with dedication and proved that why she get the Kerala State Award. Murali Gopy finds the character that he had already portrayed in the past film, so it wasn't a big deal for him. Shishir has utilized the maximum of his screen presence and his rendering was good. Sunil Sukhadha again the best one to we have in character roles, while Thilakan, KPAC Lalitha, Sukumari, Shashi Kallinga, Monisha Sagar and others have done according to the characters need. For the banner of Darshini Concepts, V S Atheesh is the producer of this Malayalam movie "August Club".

 Hmm..., Something missing oh yes, your comments do tell us your opinion about this Malayalam film "August Club".....

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