Review : "Kuttiyum Kolum"

Screenplay of "Kuttiyum Kolum" wasn't up to the mark to give a healthy competition to the films that are already in theatres. Unfortunately Guinness Pakru's first directorial venture lags the effort needed into a film making and in the whole film it tries to show that Guinness Pakru is the real hero in same old story. If you wanna give a try to this "Kuttiyum Kolum", then its your decision and your choice....

 "Kuttiyum Kolum" speaks about a stocky man named Ezhimala Vinayakan (Guinness Pakru) and he is the wealthier man in the area and kind of rowdy person in the place. He has a step brother Shakthi (Adithya),
who can do anything for his big brother to prove that Ezhimala Vinayakan is doing the right things. Here we have another character, who is Vinayakan's uncle (Vijaya Raghavan) and not having a good term with Vinayakan due to some feud in the family.

 Here hero loves the daughter of his uncle and her name is Indu (Sanusha), who being a childhood love of him. Indu was out of the village to complete her studies, but now she is back and blossoms the flower of love in the heart of Vinayakan, but things get on the different platform when she revealed that she loves his step brother shakthi, which forms the rest of the plot as never-ending sage.

 The problem here in the script is dialogues, which not kind of suitable to the character played by Guinness Pakru and on the other hand, may be director himself intentionally wants to keep them to show him as the real star. On the whole Guinness Pakru disappoints with this film as a director. Vinod Bharathi's cinematography doesn't provide any freshness . Songs are nice with the touch of Shaan Rahman and Vayalar Sarath.

 In acting's aspect Guinness Pakru doubled his burden with the uncomfortable character that would easily distracts the audience on their seat. Sanusha done the decent job, while Adithya gave a feel of constraint one. Munna, Vijaya Raghavan, Suraaj Venjharamoodu, Babu Namboothiri, Menaka, Ponamma Babu and others have just showed their characters in a flash. United Films banner, Ansar Vasco is the producer of this Malayalam movie "Kuttiyum Kolum".

 If you have watched this Malayalam film "Kuttiyum Kolum" then do share your comments with us.....

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