Review : "SIM (Sorry I am Mad)"

The plot of the Malayalam film "SIM (Sorry I am Mad)" has some relevance with the today's scenario, but the poorly written script and tedious story line makes this movie a boring one. Director Diphan, who had directed movie like "Puthiya Mukham" changes his way to the comedy, in fact director treated the things in discomfort way. Well we give it a big thumbs down for this movie......

 In this technical world, mobile has become the part of one's daily life and that's the case here as well, mobile rounds the story of this film. Karthik (Deepak), who has the work of repairing air conditioners and behaves in a way that attracts the women or you can say flirtatious. Karthik also help out his friends by providing
needful tips to attract the women. On this activity, a girl Pooja (Ann Augustine) enter the life of Karthik, who wants to churn out money from him for her needs. but after some time Karthik gave a thought of break up and led to discontinuation of his sim connection.

 On the other side of the story, a Brahmin Seetharamayyar (Manikanthan), works in Regional Transport Office and his life was going easy with his two friends. As he hasn't married yet and the friends impose him to get married and with that he moves on to give a matrimonial ad for which he need a personal number to get contacted. Seetharamayyar bought on the sim for his mobile and the mobile number he gets is the same which has used by Karthik. However Pooja visit Regional Transport Office for her personal work, where Setharamayyar falls for her and dug up her details from the office, there begins the messaging session and rest of the story forms the climax of this movie.

 Some doubts will come here in there as director Diphan hasn't scored on any aspect with this comical film, may he wants to overcome his unsuccessful movie "Hero". Again there should some strong presence of character writing to meet the desired result, while the film shows no evidence of that. Bharani K Dharan's visual composition shows no signs of good one. Songs are just at the okay level with the touch of Gopi Sundar and the lyrics from Santhosh Varma.

 Ann Augustine supposed to be the main lead, but hardly she gets the chance to do her character and Deepak also struggles to get in the character. Manikanthan, Praveen, Anoop Chandran, Prem Kumar, Manraj, Vinod Kavvoor, Swapna Menon, Vyga, Manka Mahesh and others just gave their average performance to the characters. For the banner of R R Entertainment, Royson Vellara is the producer of the Malayalam movie "SIM".

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