VKP and Jayasurya to say "Thank You"

poster design of Malayalam film Thank You
Director V K Prakash, who is known for his classy experimenting films, whether his last film "Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla" or to consider his directorial "Poppins", all hails in the genre of new concepts. Now the report is that the team of Jayasurya and V K Prakash has again teamed up to make another Malayalam movie, which got the title "Thank You".

 The team of V K Prakash and Jayasurya have earlier worked together in six films, which defined the different aspects of film making, which include hits
like "Beautiful" and "Trivandrum Lodge", both the films gained the tremendous response from the audience. With this film "Thank You", it will be their seventh film and Jayasurya would do the lead role in the movie.

 Marikar Films will produce this Malayalam movie "Thank You" will have the scripting works from Arun Lal, who had done the script work of Malayalam film "10:30 AM Local Call" and the film has Honey Rose, Sethu, Tini Tom, Kailash, Mukundan, Balachandran, Aishwary Devan and others in the cast. Thiruvananthapuram is the location of this Malayalam film.

 VKP, Anoop Menon and Jayasurya are the team of success, where's the third one..., especially one can assume the success of "Trivandrum Lodge" with its bold and sensual theme..., hmm.....

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