"Angry Birds" of Saji Surendran......!

First Look poster of 'Angry Birds' Malayalam film
With not so happening result for his previous movie, director Saji Surendran move on to his next project and the interesting fact is that it will be scripted by Krishna Poojappura, who had scripted five films for director Saji Surendran and now this one makes the sixth one. Again the bet is on humour and this Malayalam movie "Angry Birds" will retain the same aspect with stylish touch.

 Anoop Menon and Bhavana will do the central characters, while other cast details are in the process. Dimac Creations banner, Darshan Ravi
will produce this Malayalam film "Angry Birds". Anoop Menon has penned the story and the film revolves around two love birds, who ran away secretly to get married. Both arrive to Mumbai from Kerala, there begins the heap of problems for the two. The two realize that there is a compatibility issues between them and the love is not same as when they began their love story.

 "Angry Birds" shoot will begin around May 25th and this film will be the first of Anoop Menon and Saji Surendran combo. Director Saji Surendran's last film "Husbands in Goa" hadn't created any hype, which was produced by the giant Bollywood banner UTV Motion Pictures. Another twist in the tale is Jayasurya, who is kind of missing here. From the beginning of the directors career, Jayasurya is there in the each film.

 Is this the separation time for both or Saji Surendran had enough of Jayasurya.........!

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