Review : "72 Model"

Two possible ways to describe director Rajasenan's latest offering Malayalam film "72 Model", first one is director's perspective which built up this movie in a shoddy manner and the second way could be the performances from the actors, which takes the rest of the hope from the film. In the overall assumption, we give it a big thumbs down for this movie......

 Now quickly shift our gears to the story.., where we have Saajan (Govind Padmasoorya), who works as a driver and used to drive his father's 72 model Ambassador car to fulfill his some small needs. On a day, Saajan meet his old friend Parvathy (Soniya Das) and both of them decide to go for a ride, while in the middle car
break downs, which put them to drop the car in an old garage. After this incident in garage some robbers hide their money box in the car.

 In this span of time, Saajan and his friends find on the money, which robbers kept at the car. By using this money Saajan, Parvathy and their friend Vivek (Sreejith Vijay) together goes off to start the real estate company, meanwhile a character Kuttan Pillai sir (Madhu) moves in between for a short stint. As the business moves, Three of them appoints a girl Janaki (Nazrein Nazar) to off shoulder their burden, but things took the drastic change after Saajan came to know that half of the money that they get from the car is missing, which follows the rest of this movie.

 Director Rajasenan hasn't shown the interest in making a good movie and as a result of that humorous one turns out the disastrous one. Rajasenan fails to provide the appropriate story and direction to the base, while anyone can easily get distracted from this kind of poor film making. Nothing too much to gloat about the technical side, with visuals by K P Nambiathiri or music by M Jayachandran, everything came up as an ordinary show.

 On an acting part, it took time to understand what unusual is happening around you and thanks to the cast, who maintained the same tempo to give out an unpleasant experience, whether it is Sreejith Vijay, Govind Padmasoorya, Soniya Das and Nazrein Nazar, all were trying to create the annoying scenes. Actor like Madhu wasn't found suitable to the character, while Vijaya Raghavan, Sabitha Anand, Kalabhavan Shajohn, Balaji, Besil and others have just made their part. For the banner of Chand Creations, J Sarath Chandran Nair is the producer of this Malayalam movie "72 Model".

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