Review : "Aaru Sundarimarude Katha"

Rajesh K Abraham's thriller Malayalam movie "Aaru Sundarimarude Katha" pretends to be a brilliant thriller, but the use of irony to mock, led the situation to an ordinary level. However makers did put on their effort to engage the viewers, apart margin of error dilute the screenplay as a tacky one. After watching this film, one would feel that "Aaru Sundarimaarude Katha" is approachable and one time watch.....

 The film begins with narration of Chachi Moothedan (Zareena Wahab), who is interesting and just enjoying the new world of Internet. Chachi's husband
laid on the footstep for a Television network, which is now owned by Chachi's daughter Rose Moothedan (Nadia Moithu) and Rose's husband Alex (Prathap Pothen). Their daughter is Anju (Umang Jain), who used to play tennis and hope to make it big one day. Here we have other characters as well with IT employee Sreekumar (Narain) and his wife Meena (Shamna Kasim). Meena suspects that her husband has some affairs and almost spend her most of the time on their baby's care.

 On a certain point, Sreekumar find his school friend Rose on social networking site Facebook, there begins the revival of their old friendship with the chatting. Meanwhile Alex as his lifestyle, develop the special interests in women and get on to meet Cyns Ria (Lena), which turns out the bad phase of life for him. As we go through murder mystery prevail over the rest of the story, there you have to solve some confusions to get on the sixth beauty, which takes you to the climax.

 Nadia Moithu and Zareena Wahab pass on the aura that makes this narration a nice one. Prathap Pothen, Narain, Shamna Kasim, Lena, Umang Jain have justified their characters to an extent. Lakshmi Rai, not purposefully but looks wobbled in her character of ASP Fouzia Hassan. Songs are nice with the touch of Deepak Dev and lyrics from Kaithapram and Anu Elizabeth Jose. BGM score was quite good.

 First half gave the feel of serendipity, but when it goes to the second half, things wasn't look convincing for this script by director Rajesh K Abraham and Sennie Varghese. On the direction side, Rajesh managed the things till the suspense, but one would imagine the result after knowing the rest of the plot. Frames from Sameer Haq doesn't give the real feel, while same for the editing by Praveen Prabhakar. For the banner of AVA Productions, A V Anoop is the producer of this Malayalam movie "Aaru Sundarimaarude Katha".

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