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The film "English" leaves on the different impression towards the characters, who are living outside of their native country. Director Shyama Prasad succeeded in creating the unconventional stuff in the background of recent outlook, that improbable to his previous films and the script by Ajayan Venugopal looks a bit of sarcasm, meanwhile in an all effort it deals with the nice attempt of film making. Watch out for this Malayalam movie "English" for sure.....

 Lets move on to the story, which explores the life of Malayali expatriates living in London, who gets in the situation that converge each
other. Sibin Kuriakose (Nivin Pauly), a professional guy living life in his flirtatious attitude and his friend Rajesh (Sinu Pillai) who is recently married, leaves his wife Gauri (Remya Nambeesan) in the care of Sibin, because of his visit to the homeland. Now the next one is Shankaran (Jayasurya), came here to make some quick buck to get married to his girlfriend and working as a cook with the status of an illegal immigrant. Here we have a Malayali doctor Ram (Murali Menon) married to a Tamil brahmin Saraswathy (Nadia Moithu), where Saraswathy finds difficulty to adjust her in the environment of London.

 Joy (Mukesh), runs a grocery store in London and although he loves his mother with the belief that she has spent her whole life in nourishing her kids. Joy has his wife Saly (Sona Nair), children, brother and mother in the family. All the characters get stuck in somewhere with their decisions, relationships, love, emotions and how they overcome the circumstances, forms the rest of this Malayalam film "English".

 Top notch direction from Shyama Prasad, excelled in the power to influence the narration and the way he presented the character is brilliant. There were some lags in Ajayan Venugopal's script, but it is forgetful when the things end up in a satisfactory way. Visual composition is another term to describe the beauty of this movie, Udayan Ambaadi has perfectly adapted the beautiful and tranquil locations of London. Vinod Sukumaran's editing gave some real feel to the occasion.

 In this big list of cast, Mukesh has done the commendable job with his character of Joy, words may not enough for him. Murali Menon, Nadia Moidu and Nivin Pauly also made their presence felt with their characters, while Jayasurya, Remya Nambeesan, Sona Nair, Viji Varghese, Manoj Shiva, Sinu Pillai, Vardha and others have managed their characters in an appreciative manner. Song's wasn't there for long, however nice bit of music by Rex Vijayan with the lyrics of Shibu Chakravarthy. For the banner of Navarang Screens, Binu Dev is the producer of this Malayalam movie "English".

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  1. Shyamaprasad is a great director. Super film....

  2. Is it worth to watch the movie English.Be post reviews for the viewers who want to experience a new pattern.SO you should post reviews like that ,no need to explain the whole story .However,the movie is good or bad ,you can write your opinion about that movie.After viewing your's we will decide whether to go or not

  3. English is a F^&*% ing movie, The guy who reviewed the film must watch "Namesake" the 2006 movie Directed by Mira Nair.
    Guys Please dont waste your time for this crap. When I was watching the film, people were making big noise inside the theater including sleaveless aunties. (Shyamaprasad's Fan)

  4. Not bad if you can sit thro the end

    1. yeah..., film has its goodness and flaws........
      good watch :)


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