"Angry Babies" replaced Angry Birds....

'Angry Birds' title changed to 'Angry Babies'
The makers have decided for the title change in their latest Malayalam film, Saji Surendran directing latest project, which was earlier titled as "Angry Birds" has now changed to "Angry Babies" which has been storied by Anoop Menon. Krishna Poojapurra will pen the sixth script for the director Saji Surendran.

 Anoop Menon and Bhavana would do the central characters in
the movie, while Nishanth Sagar, Noby, Parvathy Nair, Nimeesha, P Balachandran, Shaju and others include the cast of this movie. The movie will tell the story of two love birds who ran away to get married with the backdrop of humour. Dimac Creations banner, Darshan Ravi is the producer of this Malayalam movie "Angry Babies". Bijibal will compose the tunes for this movie.

 Dimac Creations earlier produced the Malayalam movie "Poppins" directed by V K Prakash, which wasn't turned out as expected. With this new Malayalam film, the production house will look to revive the past experience. Anoop Menon had made it to the streams with the subject of his movie "Hotel California" and his next Malayalam film "Buddy" is on the release.

 Is there the birds get angry, which occurs the change in title....!

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