Former convict Nigel Akkara getting offers from south

Nigel Akkara is getting busy with South films
Mirroring his search for acceptance in real life, Nigel Akkara, a former convict turned actor is playing the role of a filmmaker in 'Anyo Na' who is unacceptable to the showbiz world because of his dark past.

Talking about the similarities between his character in the film and real life, Nigel said, "Both teach you that it takes time to get acceptance. You should
keep doing what you are supposed to do without looking at failure or success."

Nigel, who was paired opposite Rituparna Sengupta in acclaimed movie 'Muktodhara', now stars opposite national award winner, Ananya Chatterjee, in his second movie.

The actor spent nine years in prison after arrest on several criminal charges but decided to mend his ways in 2007 after Alakananda Roy, who he now calls his mother, gave him a chance to star in drama 'Balmiki Protibha'.

"I never do anything without Maa's consent. She is my mother who gave me a new lease of life. She is the one who helped me transform into Balmiki from Ratnakar in 'Balmiki Protibha' and convinced the outside world to shed its aversion towards me," Nigel said.

Nigel, who will be the lead actor in the film directed by Parthasarathi Joardar whose previous work was a film on chit fund, said he took permission from his mother before accepting the script.

"Whenever I am in a crisis, her gentle words put me back on my track. She knows about each and every step in my life."

Nigel's first film 'Muktodhara' was loosely based on his turnaround from a convict to a social activist and actor.

He also starred in another Bengali film 'Mangrove' by Saurabh Mukherjee where he played a medical student.

The actor also performed in a Malayalam film "Orissa" by M Padmakumar.

He said he had been getting offers from the south, but has no plan to shift base since interesting offers from Bengali directors are coming his way.

"I have been getting offers from south. I will accept if any suitable script comes my way. But I want to live here," he said.

Source : PTI

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