High Court drops elephant tusks petition against Mohanlal

HC drops elephant tusk petition against Mohanlal
Here we have some relief for the fans of Mohanlal and the news is that the High Court has drops the petition filed by the Thrissur native against the star. Mohanlal had been in news for the raid that taken place at Superstar's house and the officials had recovered the elephant tusks during that raid. The petitioner filed that the court should intervene the investigation because of this high profile case.

 The High Court dismissed the observation of Thrissur native
Pramod by pointing that the petitioner has nothing to do with this case and accept the point meted by defence lawyer that of it's all for just publicity. On this basis Justice P Bhavadasan announced the dismissal of petition against Mohanlal. Pramod alleges that former forest minister K B Ganesh Kumar and forest officials are behind protecting the star by weakening the case.

 Mohanlal had been booked for the possession of elephant tusks by forest officials, but the forest administration hadn't take any action against the star. The income tax officials reportedly seized around four elephant tusks during the raid at superstar Mohanlal's house in Kochi.

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