Review : "5 Sundarikal"

Stunning execution of scenes blends the negative shades of this latest offering "5 Sundarikal", which is being directed by five talented directors. In this anthology, every part has its own narrative pattern, which on time indulge vibe that communicates the audience. Some bold subjects are their, but the attempt to convey these five women's life is superlative.....

 First comes in this anthology is Shyju Khalid directed "Sethulakshmi", which really evoke the faces of those two child,
who had faced the painful incident in their life. With this bold theme, director surely set on the standard in his debut as director and the credit should go to the writers Shyam Pushkaran and Muneer Ali, meanwhile pure sense of visual composition are on display here by Alby. This theme particularly stays at its excellent level.

 Second theme is "Esha" directed by Sameer Thahir, which talks about two people performed by Nivin Pauly and Isha Sharvani, who are unknown to each other and met during the New Year night. There opens a relation between a thief and the girl, who is now under the custody of him. Siddharth Bharathan's script could have been more interesting, while Sameer Thahir cooked up some masala spots otherwise a mediocre one. Shyju Khalid supports the scenes with his visual mastery.

 Third theme is "Gouri" settles on the life of Gouri (Kavya Madhavan) and Jo (Biju Menon), who shares a special bond of love between them. Aashiq Abu's direction goes wayward with the cast performance was not up to the mark. In real word, the zeal was missing there. 

 Amal Neerad is the pick of the directors among the five and the fourth theme "Kullante Bharya" directed by him traverse through life of a short height man and his attractive and tall wife. This theme develops through narration of a stranger (Dulquer Salmaan) and some superb shots and style of conveying makes this theme an interesting one, perhaps it bring back the loosing charm to this entire anthology.

 Anwar Rasheed directed "Aami" is the last and fifth theme, which zooms on the life of an entrepreneur. Hashir Mohammed scripted this theme has got the best of film making. Nothing too much to say this theme also has Fahadh Faasil with another impressive rendering. Honey Rose, Asmitha Sood, Chemban Vinod and Vinayakan have given their nice performances.

 On the technical side, it's just get better and better with joining of some great technicians in the industry, Ranadive, who had done the cinematography for Amal Neerad's theme, put on the freshness in theme despite of its dull look. Gopi Sundar, Prashanth Pillai, Bijibal and Yakzan Gary Pereira have left on their mark with their tunes. Vivek Harshan nicely edited the themes with their respective duration.

 The emotions are on display here and how five women's life deal with the characters surrounding them plots whole movie "5 Sundarikal" in a virtuous manner and the makers deserve the every inch of appreciation. For the banner of Amal Neerad Productions, Amal Neerad is the producer of this Malayalam movie "Anchu Sundarikal".

 Join us with your thoughts about this Malayalam film "5 Sundarikal" through your valuable comments.....

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