Review : "Aattakatha"

The film is basically based on the novel 'Cholliyattam' by the director Kannan Perumudiyoor. In this visual adaptation, somewhere efforts in the making provide the sense of implicature. Scripting by Shathrughanan, could have been more better. "Aattakatha" has significance in this particular time of generation. At the end, verdict is a fine movie in parts and an average one.

 Unnikrishnan Namboothiri (Vineeth) loves the art form Kathakali and learning the same from Kalamandalam. Unni is much lovable
to the students and mentors at Kalamandalam, due to his devotion to art form Kathakali. In the same time Sethulakshmi (Meera Nandan) is learning music from Kalamandalam and also loves Unni, while she has never told him about her feelings for him.

 As everything was going well at Kalamandalam, the arrival of foreign lady Romi Mishel (Irina Jacoby) to learn the art form Kathakali develops the new direction to the story. Unni has allocated with the task to teach Kathakali padhangal and language, meanwhile in this period of learning both get fell in love with each other. This relation put Sethulakshmi pretty anxious and on the other side Unni's father and mother denied the relation between their son and a french woman. After this struggle and return of Romi's daughter Meleena (Malavika Wales), forms the rest of the story.

 Director Kannan Perumudiyoor obviously put on his best to nurture the art form on the silver screen, but here the plot could be easily find similarities with old Malayalam films, so it may put on the negative shade on the prospect. As the film explores the possibilities of art form, definitely music plays the major role, which had been composed by Late Raveendran mash with the lyrics of another great Gireesh Puthencherry and M D Rajendran. Sasi Ramakrishna's cinematography looks at the ordinary level.

 Vineeth find on the comfortable side as he masters the role he performed, while Meera Nandan, German actor Irina Jacoby, Malavika Wale, Madambu Kunjhikuttan, Kalaranjini, Raghavan, Sivaji Guruvayoor and others have justified their characters. For the banner of Harisri Films International are the producers of this Malayalam movie "Aattakatha", which has been distributed by Mahadeva cinemas.

 If you have watched this Malayalam film "Aattakatha", then do share your opinion with us through comments....

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