Review : "Abhiyum Njanum"

The film had taken long time to reach the theatres, but after watching "Abhiyum Njanum" it seems that makers decision was right to hold down the movie and not boring the audience. The film grows unsteadily that led to the feeling of won't tolerable any more. Scenarist and director just put on the efforts in simple way, which cost the movie's stability. At last "Abhiyum Njanum" is avoidable......

 Here we have Abhirami (Archana Kavi), who grows up in Mumbai and to fulfill
the parents (played by Lal and Maneka) wish Abhirami came to Kerala with the objective to meet her cousin Sohan Menon (Rejith Menon), whom she hasn't seen and talked. It all happens in a day and on reaching the destination, she find that Sohan is not in the place and it would take a day for his return, there she gave a thought that Sohan has missed the text message about her arrival.

 Sohan's mother assign Rahul (Rohit), a friend of Sohan, to take her to the right destination. There begins the journey of love, romance and feelings between Rahul and Abhirami. In this journey they came through some characters, which include of Salim Kumar and Captain Raju. eventually Rahul ask her about the emotions that she has for the unknown person and why don't she love him, which forms the rest of this story.

 Director S P Mahesh and scriptwriter Eruva Chandrasekharan treated the subject in not so favourable manner. The film won't flaunt too much, while this could be the biggest letdown of this plot or in simple words fails to impress in the class of romantic theme. Visual composition wasn't put on the much affect with the hands of Sudhi and it provide the average stuff. Editing goes same with Raja Mohammed. Music wasn't attract the hears and it has been composed by Pramod Nair with the lyrics of Payambra Jayakumar.

 Archana Kavi was looking variance with her character, while Rohit pulled off his character pretty well. Lal and Menaka done their parents character with no problem. Salim Kumar, Guinness Pakru, Captain Raju, Baburaj, Suraaj Venjharamoodu and others have managed their average to the characters. For the banner of Mumbai Cine Talkies, Ramdas Menon is the producer of this Malayalam movie "Abhiyum Njanum".

 If you have watched this Malayalam film "Abhiyum Njanum", then do share your opinion through your valuable comments.......

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