"Honey Bee" Malayalam movie review

Honey Bee Malayalam movie review
Again a youth centered "Honey Bee" Malayalam movie from the clan of filmmaker, the script looks a bit of exaggerated with beep sounds and surely inspired from the Hollywood stuff "Hangover". Here Jean Paul Lal aka Lal Jr. deserves the credit for engaging narration and some enjoyable performances of cast provide the apt entertainment. Watch out for Sreenath Bhasi and on entertainment aspect, we gave "Honey Bee" a tag of watchable one....

 The story is here about the gang of friends Sebastian alias Seban (Asif Ali), Angel (Bhavana), Abu (Sreenath Bhasi),
Ambros (Balu) and Fernando (Baburaj), who wants to do something special with their music troupe. Meanwhile Seban and Angel knows each other from childhood, but didn't discover the love between them. Angel's family consists of her brother Michael (Lal) and Father Cochin (Suresh Krishna), in this way they decide that it's the time for their sister to get married to a police officer (Vijay Babu).

 The police officer, who is going to marry Angel gets to know about the feelings of Seban and Angel for each other. Seban and his friends boozed hard on the night before the marriage, to tell Angel about Seban's feeling for her. After knowing the fact, Seban and Angel decide to elope and on this occasion Abu, Ambros and Fernando help them in the run. Now the stage set for the chase by Angel's brother Michael and others, which follows the rest of the story with interesting climax.

 Nothing new in the story or the kind of stuff that believed to be new generation wave, but on his debut Jean Paul Lal managed to put on some good sequences of humour in "Honey Bee". Script wasn't kind of great imagination, but more felt of a complicated one. Slow motion frames were nice with hands of Alby and good cuts from the editor Ratheesh Raj. Two songs have their place and suits the mood by Deepak Dev with the lyrics of Kaithapram and Anu Elizabeth Jose.

 Asif Ali done his character with ease, it kind of similar to his previous film. Bhavana gave her best with characters demand. Sreenath Bhasi made up the most by providing necessary tickle to the entertainment basis. Baburaj also rendered his character in fab way, while Archana Kavi, Lal, Balu, Suresh Krishna, Vijay Babu, Amith Chackalakal, Hasim and others have given their suitable to the movie's prospect. For the banner of S J M Entertainments, Sibi Thottupuram and Jobi Mundamuttom are the producers of this film.

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  1. Awsome movie..!! real entertainer..!!

  2. feels like all youngsters are addicted to Liquor and smoking dirty speech on this movie don t go withe a family and children

    1. @ Henry , only filmmakers have the answer for this one...
      Thanks buddy...


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