Review : "Left Right Left"

Bingo...!, Arun Kumar Aravind has done it again and his latest Malayalam movie "Left Right Left" offers the disagreement between the characters with set of beliefs they have. There have been several films on this kind of genre, but after watching this movie, we shivered through real sense of film making. Scenarist Murali Gopy virtuously takes the gamble to engage the characters in persuasive manner. Seriously revolution is home - made.... perfect one.

 First we have Kaitheri Sahadevan (Hareesh Peradi), a pukka communist leader with his ferocious personality, second is Roy
Joseph aka Che Guevara Roy (Murali Gopy) with his idealism leading the life after pertaining his younger days in politics. Another one is Vattu Jayan (Indrajith), a Police Sub Inspector is known for his careless behaviour. The film earlier move through the childhood period of these three prominent characters and how three different decades mould their life, the impact made on their mind during these period goes through the story.

 Meanwhile Vattu Jayan being worried by Jennifer (Remya Nambeesan), who is a nurse staying away from her brut husband and Roy's wife Anitha's (Lena) interfere in his life. Jayan's mother (Sethulakshmi) impede the difficulties with her positive intention. In this way, there arouse some differences against the party leader Kaitheri Sahadevan by his own party workers. Altercation in principles of Roy and Sahadevan, while how Vattu Jayan joins this revolution takes you to rest of this political thriller.

 Director Arun Kumar Aravind straight on sets the standards with vivid execution and made an engaging story telling. The combo of Arun Kumar Aravind and writer Murali Gopy brought on the interestingly written characters to the screens that words get bounce out of dictionary to explain it. Shehnad Jalal adapted the best shots to deliver three different archaic in beautiful picturesque. Editing brings on the real enthusiasm to the feel. Musician Gopi Sundar played the extensive role with his BGM and songs.

 As we have said characters are excellent, Indrajith played the best character he had, while the new find Hareesh Peradi's despicable role carried the freshness. Murali Gopy needs no mention, apart from his writing , stamped presence in his rendering. Remya Nambeesan, Lena, Anusree, Sethulakshmi, Saiju Kurup, Sudheer Karmana, Mamukkoya, Sreejith Ravi and others deserves to be appreciated for their portrayal. Rejaputhra Visual Media's banner, M Renjith is the producer of this Malayalam movie "Left Right Left".

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