Review : "Money Back Policy"

Jayaraj Vijay's directorial Malayalam movie "Money Back Policy" audience may now hope to get their money back, as the movie fails to fulfill the requirements of an entertaining one. The script also lag behind to compile the necessary humour and the makers have just goes on to make this narration a poor one. At last, we give it a big thumbs down for this movie......

 Now quickly move on to the story, here we have Ashokan (Sreenivasan), who's living his normal life with his wife Urmila (Sarayu) and two children. His life was moving smoothly until
the sudden arrival of the large amount of money, which passes on by his sister Indira upon her death. After seeing this big fortune, Ashokan starts to live his life lavishly and found on the new residence with luxury villa. With this unexpected fortune, Ashokan moves on to fulfill his whole wishes.

 In their new destination Ashokan finds the neighbour Lonachan (Nedumudi Venu), who talks too much and convince Ashokan to take an insurance policy. With this he meets an insurance agent Roopa (Aishwarya Nambiar), almost smitten by her charm middle aged Ashokan tries to gain attention of Roopa with his money power. There we move through problems came in the life of these people, which forms the rest of this story.

 Sreenivasan wasn't looked suitable for his character, even it is interesting to know how the makers have convinced him to do this unusual character. Sarayu made her presence felt with her character and Nedumudi Venu managed his character pretty well, meanwhile Aishwarya Nambiar, Sreejith Vijay, Bhagath Manuel, Indrans and others have looked just average to their respective characters. M Jayachandran scored a song, which wasn't look up to the potential.

 In directions aspect, debutante Jayaraj Vijay has tried his best to cater the needs of the situations, but in most portions the movie goes in gloomy side. Script from Manoj Ramsingh, is the another aspect which led to the failure of main character, which suppose to led from the front. Cinematographer Murali Raman's shot wasn't look attractive and stands at average level. For the banner of Marvellous Entertainments, Manoj Ramsingh is the producer of this Malayalam movie "Money Back Policy".

 If you have watched this Malayalam film "Money Back Policy", then do share your opinions with us.......

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