Review : "Pigman"

Expectation wasn't that at exalted level with the Malayalam movie "Pigman", especially after lots of shuffle in the making and release date, but after watching this directorial from Avira Rebecca, it feels that all were misconception. The film "Pigman" deserves to be in honest film making and the script looks moderate, however we felt something diverse and the film looks convincing.....

 Sreekumar (Jayasurya), despite of being stuck by poverty goes on for his ambition to do PhD in linguistics. Son of political
activist Madhavettan (M R Gopakumar), Sreekumar face different problems during his research tenure under guidance of Dr. Jayalakshmi (Reena Basheer), who tends to entice him. Sreekumar frequently ignore Dr. Jayalakshmi, which exasperate her and led to rejection of his thesis. This incident creates the oblivion circumstances for Sreekumar, where he has to leave the University in which he was doing doctorate.

 Meanwhile situation impact huge on Sreekumar's life and with the help of his friend Sneha (Remya Nambeesan), he get a job in Pig farm. Now his life moves through the cruelty dispense by the administrator Veeramani (Baburaj) and a veterinary doctor Daniel (Suraaj Venjharamoodu) towards the workers in the farm. Sreekumar is against all this practice in the farm, which attracts more difficulties for him and takes you to the climax of this movie.

 Not intentionally, the second half seems to have goes out of track and on the other hand director Avira Rebecca, who directed the movie "Thakarachenda", came up with the nice plot to take a dig at the educational portion. The film is based on the short story "Pigman" by N Prabhakaran, while the script does lag somewhere between. Pradeep Nair's visual provide the real touch to the theme and editing looks at average level.

 Jayasurya gave the feel that he wasn't that perfect for the character, while Remya Nambeesan and Harishree Ashokan looks appropriate. Baburaj, Suraaj Venjharamoodu, Reena Basheer, T P Madhavan, KPAC Lalitha, Nimisha Suresh, Salim Kumar and others have given their good touch to their characters. Songs goes average with the hands of Gautham. For the banner of Sree Surya Films, T R Sreeraj is the producer of this Malayalam movie "Pigman".

 If you have watched this Malayalam film "Pigman", then do share your thoughts with us.......

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