Review : "Thank You"

At times V K Prakash's "Thank You" showcase to be a good one due to its social obligation, but sorry to say film lags a big due to most of the parts adapted from a hit Bollywood movie. Arun Lal's script also fall behind with some extra touch up to his earlier movie, there seems to be a communication gap between VKP's direction and Arun's scripting. It's now up to you, whether to say thank you or not.....

 Alright here we have characters, which doesn't have any name and starts off with a man (Jayasurya) sporting the simple look
with french cut, comes to Thiruvananthapuram city and clandestinely take the wireless set from the traffic police. Now begin his threatening call series by making his first call at the control room and inform that there is a bomb placed in nearby school. The chase game come to the existent with city police commissioner (Sethu) straight takes the responsibility to hunt down the culprit and avert the first explosion.

 The mystery man travels through an auto and makes his second threat call, where this time a restaurant being targeted and when the police reach there, it turns out a mere deception. Moreover, we move across a software professional from US, who lands up in the city and showing his reprimand with the unethical treatment towards the citizen. In this span of time the search is on, meanwhile the mystery man reveals his stand on this all occurrence, which takes you to the rest of the story.

 Direction looks wasn't that bad, especially the technical side entice some good moment. Arun Lal's script plays the spoilsport, where the first half screams out too much of the box and the second half behaves like someone can assume with his perception. Dialogues look incongruous and in technical stuff the good one is cinematography from Arvind Krishna and the editing takes the better side. Music and BGM was at the average level with the hands of Bijibal.

 Jayasurya portrays his character in usual way by perceiving character that has already rendered by greats of Indian cinema. Sethu wasn't that ease with his character, it would feel that he could have done much better. Honey Rose hasn't got much more to do, while Tini Tom, Mridul Nair, Aishwarya Devan, Sudheer Karmana, Saiju Kurup, P Balachandran, Mukundan, Kailash and others have given their plentiful support to their character. For the banner of Marikar Films, Shahul Hameed Marikar is the producer of this Malayalam movie "Thank You".

 If you have watched this Malayalam film "Thank You", then do share your thought with us through comments.....

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