Shobhana is the lead protagonist in my film : Vineeth Sreenivasan

Vineeth reveals the details of his upcoming movie 'Thira'
Straight from the lovable singer, actor, director Vineeth Sreenivasan rest aside the rumours and gave out the details of his upcoming Malayalam movie "Thira". Vineeth confirmed that Shobhana will do the female lead in the movie, while his brother Dhyan Sreenivasan will make his debut through his film. Adding to the excitement, he also added that "Thira" is not one film, it's a trilogy in which the first part will came in 2013.

 Earlier we have provided the news of announcement of the
movie "Thira", while adding more to that Vineeth informed through his blog that screenplay of "Thira" has penned by his cousin Rakesh Mantodi. With the cast, Vineeth revealed that actors will be outside from Kerala because of its theme which is based around the state of Goa and Karnataka. Deepak Parambol is the lone actor from his previous film to be in this Malayalam film "Thira".

 Reels Magic banner, Manoj Menon will produce this Malayalam film "Thira" which is being distributed by L J Films. Shaan Rahman will do the Music, while cinematographer for the movie will be performed by Jomon T John. Pre production works are going on and when its all done, the movie will go on the floor.

 About confirming Shobhana's presence in the movie Vineeth wrote that "A couple of months back, I was narrating Thira to one of my fav actress in malayalam cinema.. In the middle of my narration, she suddenly asked me something.. “Vineeth, this is how kids love, story telling these days right?”  then I told her “Ma ‘am, this is how I love, story telling these days.”  Then she smiled and said, “yeah, that’s what I said.”  Once I finished the narration, she told me, “I would love to do this film.” It was coming from a two times National Award winner. The moment she said that, a dream became a project..,"

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