"101 Chodyangal" movie review

101 Chodyangal movie review
"101 Chodyangal" Malayalam movie has kind of evokes a keen sense of emotions that led us to admire the work of debutante director Sidhartha Siva. The film looks simple, but the way it has treated with beautiful and imaginative concept, makes this Malayalam film a treat to watch. It could be possible that you would also feel the wrench of this little boy. Hat's off to the crew and cast..., don't miss this one...

 Sivanandan (Murugan) lost his job in the sugar mill, due to his involvement as the leader of employees, who are on strike. He has his family with wife Sathi (Lena) hardly earns up the bread
by doing labour work, and his two child Anil Kumar Bokaro (Master Minon) and Anakha (Baby Diya). Bokaro goes to school, while his sister Anakha unable to understand the things because of her mental disorder. In this poor condition, Bokaro's school has midday meal scheme, which provide the ample support to this family. Meanwhile, Bokaro kind of having a fond for his new teacher Mukundan (Indrajith). On a sudden, school declares that midday meals are no longer available because of financial crunch and ask children, who can bring homely food to share with their counterparts.

 To impress his teacher, Bokaro promises that he will bring the food and share it with his classmates. In this dire circumstances, Bokaro request his mother to arrange the lunch for him, but the things turn emotional, when Sathi approaches teacher Mukundan to tell that she can't provide the lunch any more. After knowing the conditions of Bokaro's family and his curiosity to learn new things, Mukundan master ask the boy to frame 101 general knowledge questions and for each question, he will get a rupee. Now the whole story takes you to this unforgettable journey and his effort for this questions.

 Director Sidhartha Siva made sure that the story's impact would be high without disturbing the narrative pattern. The director conveyed this brilliant attempt with the soothe that touch the heart of viewers. Visual compositions are fantastic by Prabhath E K and same goes for the editing from Bibin Paul Samuel. Music blends the suitable touch to the environment, with the hands of M K Arjunan and lyrics from Shobhin Kannangad.

 Casting works wonder for this '101 Chodyangal', as everyone gave their handy support to the brilliant rendering, especially the National Award winner child artist Minon displayed the splendid show of characterization. Indrajith maintained his superb performance, Lena put on the pain of a woman hails from poor background, Murugan, Nishanth Sagar and others have given their best to the characters. For the banner of Seventh Paradise, Thomas Kottakkakom is the producer of this film.

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