Review : "Paisa Paisa"

Despite of its short running time, "Paisa Paisa" Malayalam movie takes the test of your patience. Director Prashanth Murali helm the situation that gave impression of a ludicrous one. Script too fails to input the touch that needed for a full fledged movie. Chances are much more that you would feel thrilled in the first half, but later on it steers to the different direction. On the whole, it's an average one.....

 As we told that story happens in short span of time in two cities, here we have Balu (Aju Varghese), who is in Chennai to
attend an interview at a call centre. Meanwhile during this event Balu get kidnapped by an auto driver played by Daniel Balaji and ask him to arrange the sum of ten thousand bucks to get released. Balu, who has no money left with his account, contact his girlfriend Pooja (Apoorva Bose) for the money, but her refusal land him in the troubled situation.

 On the other hand in Kochi, we have Kishore (Indrajith), an ad filmmaker who is in frantic situation as he is going to start a new life and settled a meeting with his wife Surya (Mamta Mohandas), who has leaved Kishore due to some differences arise between them. Kishore find him in commotion when his best friend Balu call him up to arrange ransom and deposit the same within two hour in his account. In this chaos, will Kishore go for his wife or to arrange the ten thousand rupees for his friend ....?, forms the story to the climax.

 Conceptualization is nice with the plot, but the problem here is the plot wasn't look proper for a stretched story telling. In terms of direction, Prashanth Murali tries give it a new style, but all his attempt fizzle out. Scripting could have been much precise to the save the proceedings. Kishore Mani's visual composition doesn't look on the better side. Eby Salvin's music sounds at the ordinary level with the lyrics of Rafeeq Ahamed and D Santhosh.

 Indrajith performed his character with ease and does the needful to serve the best, while Mamta Mohandas hasn't got the enough space to perform. Aju Varghese looks suitable for his character, Daniel Balaji, Sandhya, Apoorva Bose, Aparna Nair, Riza Bawa, Anoop Chandran, Shashi Kallinga and others have justified their characters in their own way. For the banner of Celebs and Red Carpet, Raj Zacharias is the producer of this Malayalam movie "Paisa Paisa".

 If you have spent your money on this Malayalam film "Paisa Paisa", then do share your experiences with us.......

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