Wanna be a star..., "Ivide Ee Nagarathil" calling you

'Be A Star' reality show for Ivide Ee Nagarathil movie
Here we have the good news for those who dreams of becoming a star, as the per the report there would be a reality show for selecting the cast of upcoming Malayalam movie "Ivide Ee Nagarathil". It will all happen with the show 'Be A Star', which will be aired on a television channel. we heard that the audition will be held for fourteen characters that will star in the movie.

 Padmendra Prasad will direct "Ivide Ee Nagarathil"
Malayalam movie, which is based on Dostoevsky's novel DOUBLE, which speaks out the story of a city, where different characters with their different perspectives and it involves all the happening to make this movie a thrilling one. Lead character is Jerry, which will have the double shade of a police officer and a thief.

 Bodhi International Media will produce this movie, which will provide the platform for budding talents in Malayalam cinema. For more details visit http://ivideeenagarathil.com/beastarrealityshow/ and select the character you want to give the audition for and upload your photographs. Don't forget to select your city for the audition.

 It is your chance....

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