"Kalimannu" Malayalam movie review

Kalimannu movie review
Emotions are there and director Blessy on whole, shouldered the movie on intuitive feeling which hails from one's thought. We may find "Kalimannu" interesting on emotional aspect, but somehow movie fall short of charm that needed for conventional story telling. Script may be the reason that "Kalimannu" Malayalam movie looks version of docudrama. After going through this film, we feel it could have been much more better than this one and at last its your decision...

 It all begins with a bar girl Meera (Swetha Menon), who goes to end her life after one of the rich guy estranged her. But before anything happen, a taxi driver
Shyam (Biju Menon) save her from unprecedented incident, which results to the relation between both Meera and Shyam. In difficult period of life, Shyam has extended his full support to Meera, there we see the phase of Bollywood item dancer has now become an actress, who awaits her first movie's release. Meera's first movie's preview has arranged for the day and Shyam has to reach there for the preview.

 Now the stage has set to change the mode, Shyam's destiny has something else written for him, where he met with an accident and the attending doctors declared him brain dead. Meera again falls in situation that she has faced on many occasions and the hospital authority insist her to donate organs of Shyam. On this particular situation Meera's highly educated friend Sophie (Suhasini) suggest her of artificial insemination through which she could still give birth to Shyam's child. Now we move through the conflict and struggle of Meera to survive around law and social issues, which takes the movie to the climax.

 Unlike his previous movies, Blessy seems to have injected emotions perfectly, but the things don't look in place within first half and it gave the sense that script has nothing more to offer, where the subject has been steered away to different ways. On the technical front, "Kalimannu" maintained the class with brilliant visual composition from Satheesh Kurup. Songs finds success in creating ambience surrounding the motherhood and the team of M Jayachandran and lyricist O N Kurup deserves the special mention.

 Shwetha Menon has emerged far above from her past performances and "Kalimannu" provided the best out of her, where the scenes of her pregnancy period was real. Biju Menon hasn't got too much, but for his limited shot performed his best. Suhasini Maniratnam too get the role, which doesn't offer more and she managed her character to the extent. Suniel Shetty, Priyadarshan, B Unnikrishnan and others have appeared in their short space. For the banner of Cherumuttadathu Films, Thomas Thiruvalla is the producer of this film.

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