Mohanlal and Madhupal together for a movie

Madhupal to direct actor Mohanlal
Actor and Director Madhupal, who made two highly acclaimed movies "Thalappavu" and "Ozhimuri", is now all set to direct Mohanlal. As per the reports are coming, Madhupal is in talk with actor to complete the proceedings and if everything goes well, the project will go on the floor after Mohanlal's ongoing projects.

 The script will prepared by Jeyamohan, who had earlier worked with Madhupal on "Ozhimuri". As per the reports, Madhupal had a meet with actor Mohanlal on the
sets of "Gitanjali" directed by Priyadarshan and the actor has shown interest in the project, while it still to work out the dates for this project.

 Mohanlal currently working on movies like "Gitanjali" and "Jilla" and next would be Jeethu Joseph's one movie. Madhupal, who is known for best ever movies "Thalappavu", which concentrates on Naxalite and a Police constable. His second movie was "Ozhimuri", which moves through the story of Travancore and the movie fetch the special mention for actor Lal in National awards.

 Well fans have to wait for this bonding and the movie would definitely be the awaiting one for them...

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