"Neelakasham Pacha Kadal Chuvanna Bhoomi" review

Neelakasham Pacha Kadal Chuvanna Bhoomi review
Carefully and conscientiously crafted by director Sameer Thahir, "Neelakasham Pacha Kadal Chuvanna Bhoomi" en route to change the particular intuitive understanding of Malayalis. Narration of this movie is superfine, visually attractive and beautiful locations made this movie a totally worth. Crew and cast have succeeded to emerge above the excellence level. Kudos to the team..., good one.. deserve your time...

 Lets move through the road trip.., which goes on to the destination Nagaland and it began from Kerala. Kasi (Dulquer Salmaan), an engineer, who pack up his bags and ride on his
motorcycle to the north-eastern state. There should be a motive, yes of course, he'll have to find his classmate Assi (Surja Bala) in engineering college, whom he had fallen in love. Assi belongs to Tawang in Nagaland and after the studies, she had gone back to her home. Kasi wants her presence in his life because she has been very much supportive on his poor times.

 To Kasi's surprise, his best friend Suni (Sunny Wayne) join this expedition, which goes on to different Indian states. They move through Puri, where they meet Ishitha (Paloma Monappa), who gave some interesting aspect to Kasi and Suni, but this haven't stop them there. Both of them move to Kolkata and this passage brings in Bimal Da (Dhritiman Chatterjee) and his daughter Gauri (Ena Saha), who are struggling to save the villagers home from corporate world. On this whole journey, Kasi's past haunts him in several juncture and which prompt him to find some solutions ranging from religion, politics, love and others. It's all take you to the climax of this movie.

 The thing is here that director Sameer Thahir displayed the brilliant visual experience and that too without compromising on the subject. Especially the second half brings on more attentive to the narration and the script is well written by Hashir Mohammed, who deserves applause for presenting this natural and refreshing theme to Malayalam cinema. Direction of photography gave altogether a different experience and of top class and it no need to mention that director Sameer Thahir is also a well known cinematographer. Sreekar Prasad done smart work to inch out every scene to perfection. Rex Vijayan provide the special support with his tunes to this journey.

 Dulquer Salmaan gave his full energy to the character and with growing stage, he has developed some special liking for his character and it is visible with the low number of movies in his career. Sunny Wayne performed his special and it won't need to mention his bonding with Dulquer. Surja Bala, Manipuri actress rendered her character fantastically. Bengali actor Dhritiman Chatterjee catches some eyes for sure with his superb performance. Joy Mathew, Avantika, Ena Saha, Pearle Maaney, Paloma Monappa, Vanitha and others have done well to grab their presence. Happy Hours Entertainment and E4 Entertainment are the producers of this film.

 If you have taken part in this journey with "Neelakasham Pacha Kadal Chuvanna Bhoomi" review, then do share your opinion with us...


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