"Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum" Malayalam movie review

This time director Lal Jose take on comedy and with "Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum" Malayalam movie, Kunchako Boban and Lal Jose once again trying to tickle some bones of audience. In terms of entertainment, movie has loaded with humour, but still you may find this version hard to digest. Even you may have ended up with some questions that why Lal Jose has gone for this kind of Masala movie. Anyway at the end, for some best moments.., we gave it a verdict of one time watch.....

 Chakka Gopan (Kunchako Boban) maintaining his life of tour guide with his own houseboat at Kuttanad's backwaters. His
financial status is weak and over to that he has to look after his mother and three elder brothers Chakka Maniyan (Irshad), Chakka Vijayan (Shiju) and Chakka Suku (Joju George), who are like no use and instead of that these three brothers bring more trouble to Gopan. Three brothers are more interested in brawl with villagers, where Gopan ends by becoming the scapegoat.

 Naturally we are sailing through humour to add more, we came across romance of Gopan and Kainekari Jayasree (Namitha Pramod), who use to perform dance for guests board on houseboat owned by Gopan. Hereafter we meet some characters like Mamachan (Suraaj Venjharamoodu), Susheelan (Harishree Ashokan), but the villain is Kavalykal Kuriyachan (Shammi Thilakan), who wants to settle some score with Gopan, which forms the rest of this story to the climax.

 Kunchako Boban made up the most of his character with nice cut of beard and new look, totally a good show by Chackochan. Namitha Pramod as well supported the lead cast with her role. Shammi Thilakan and Suraaj Venjharamoodu have displayed the best performance within their respective characters. Irshad, Joju George, Shiju, Harishree Ashokan, KPAC Lalitha, Chalipala, Anusree, Thesni Khan, Ponamma Babu, Reena Basheer, Bindu Panicker, Seema G Nair and others have done their characters in a fine way. Music is good part of this movie and this time Vidyasagar again works out well for the songs. Vayalar Sarath Chandra Varma has penned the lyrics.

 Lal Jose did fill the movie with attractiveness, but the movie looks the repetitive tale of some old movies. M Sindhuraj's script doesn't offer the unique attempt, where the first half looks gloomy and second half pick up the comedy timings. Director Lal Jose tries to convince the viewers with beauty of Kuttanad, which was beautifully adapted by cinematographer S Kumar, while editing has been done by Ranjan Abraham. For the banner of Balcony 6 Entertainments, Zulfi Hasis and Shebin Backer are the producers of this film, which has been distributed by L J Films.

 If you have read this "Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum" Malayalam movie review, then do share your opinion with us....


  1. The movie is a family entertainer, Lal jose is a good director. The film have with serious comedies of suraj and kunjako being a coward. Beauty of kuttanad and their lifestyle is a plus in this movie. Its better than new generation film show with alcohol and smoke. I liked this movie.

  2. Appreciate your words...., and glad to know that you have liked this movie...


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