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Prithviraj all over..., the matter of fact here is the actor breathe the life into character that ordinary scenes have looked more acceptable. Script looks decent and the director Jeethu Joseph managed to convince the narration in second half, which was the lag part in the first half. From one point of view, "Memories" looks good and on the other it has its flaws. If you are looking for some thriller movies on this weekend, then this Malayalam movie "Memories" would be perfect one for you.

 Here we have a police officer Sam Alex (Prithviraj), who is on leave from his cop job and kind of lost everything due to his wife
Teena (Meghnaraj) and his daughter's death. Sam Alex had paid the price by losing the two precious persons from his life because of his stern action against baddies and this incident led him to the alcoholism. Staying away from job and more into the alcohol became the habit for Sam Alex, which evokes cause of concern among his mother (Vanitha) and his brother played by (Rahul Madhav).

 Now with moving years, about after three years media criticize the police force for still not solving a serial murder case, which raise some eyes around the department to solve this puzzle. DGP (Vijaya Raghavan) assigned the mystery case to Sam Alex, who merely accept the case with the condition that no one comes in between him and alcohol. There begins Sam's own way of investigation, which takes you to the some interesting watch towards the climax.

 Director Jeethu Joseph, who had tried his hands in romance, emotion and comedy with his previous films, managed the proceedings for a good thriller. Especially it looks a bit new, but one can't forget the movie's pace before the investigation. One thing that dialogue fails the punch, but the actors have managed their skills there. Visual composition suits the thriller genre and done with best understanding by Sujith Vasudev. Editing by John Kutty, works well for the scenes. Sejo John gave the soothing tunes for the songs.

 As said earlier, Prithviraj done his character smartly and no need to mention that his rendering shouldered the full movie to good one. Mia George as Journalist and Meghnaraj haven't got too much of scenes to perform. Vijaya Raghavan, Sreekumar, Sreejith Ravi, Nedumudi Venu, Irshad, Praveena, Madhupal, Suresh Krishna, Rahul Madhav and others have justified their characters. For the banner of Anantha Visions, P K Muralidharan and Shantha Murali are the producers of this Malayalam movie "Memories", which is being distributed by Murali Films.

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