"Ezhamathe Varavu" Malayalam movie review

What about a new version of Malayalam movie of 70's, which hadn't seen the theaters. Exactly the same has happened with director Hariharan and scenarist M T Vasudevan Nair, two greats have prepared this movie in that times with Sukumaran in lead character. However movie reported to be never released and almost after three decades, same director and scriptwriter bring on the new version movie "Ezhamathe Varavu" for new generation. Hariharan and team should be appreciated for the value that movie has conceptualize..., definitely deserves your time...

 Plot set around the forests of Wayanad, where an archaeologist Prasad (Vineeth) arrives with his set of questions about the
ancient town, which now turned to a forest region. For accommodation, he get the bungalow of a rich planter Gopinath (Indrajith), who is kind of depraved man and loves hunting with his vast experience surrounds the jungle and its animals. On the other, we have Gopinath's wife Bhanu (Bhavana) depressed of his husbands activity and her husband's character of not having any interest in her.

 This ignorance from the husband creates the psycho problems for Bhanu, where she get used to drinking habit. In the meantime, we get to know about relation of Prasad and Bhanu, which had blossomed during their college days and here we also have a tribal girl Mala (Kavitha Nair), who helps Prasad in his research work. Forest has traditional background that an animal in the forest comes out to eat tribal women, which led Gopinath to join Prasad at the bungalow to control this beast. Now, story moves on forward with feelings of main protagonist and takes you to the interesting climax.

 No words on the legends of Malayalam cinema, Hariharan and M T Vasudevan Nair as they have crafted it beautifully. Here and there some lag of narration could feel, but if you look at wholesome, there would be a satisfaction at last. Brilliant visual composition of S Kumar, gives altogether a different touch to Hariharan's direction. Nice editing of Bavan Sreekumar and good background score by Deepak Dev. Hariharan has himself designed the songs, which suits at times.

 Splendid display of rendering from Indrajith, who carried the character Gopinath pretty well. He developed the impression that his father Sukumaran had left behind in the old movie. Vineeth performed his character with the needed politeness and Bhavana also almost made it to the character. All three really shares good chemistry between each other. Mamukkoya, Nandhu, Kavitha Nair, Suresh Krishna, Captain Raju, Koottickal Jayachandran and others have done their respective roles in better way. For the banner of Gayathri Cinema Enterprises, Bhavani is the producer of this film, which is being distributed by Kas Kalasangam.

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