Review : "Sringara Velan"

Again the bet is on humour and the same team of Dileep, Udayakrishna, Sibi K Thomas and Jose Thomas bring on the entertaining masala for this festive occasion in Kerala. As this year's Onam releases have competition among five movies, so to grab the family audience, "Sringara Velan" arrives with the comical dose. Nothing too much to gloat about the story, thus for entertainment aspect.., you can consider this slapstick one....

 Plot here revolves around Kannan's (Dileep) life, who wants to make some quick bucks. He has his fashion designing degree
with not having any job because of his dreams of richness. Although he feels embarrassing, while discussing his father's family business of weaving. Kannan find out the new ways by going behind rich girls, so after marrying them, he can quickly make fortune. His father asks him to visit a palace, where his father use to have a special respect in palace.

 Now add more to the combination, Kannan has Vasu (Kalabhavan Shajohn) and a thug named Yesudas (Lal) as companion. With this palace visit, he suppose to be in wedding of royal girl Radhu (Vedhika), but the ceremony get into the problem with the effort of Kannan. As usual the hero falls in love with the heroine and the proceedings led him to spent some more days at the palace, which takes you to the climax of this movie.

 Dileep as usual like developed the mastery in this kind of movies and done his best to accommodate the role. Lal and Kalabhavan Shajohn served the suitable phase in the laughing gag. Nedumudi Venu, Baburaj, Chembil Ashokan, Ambika Mohan, Babu Namboothiree, Joy Mathew and others have given their usual to perform the character. Songs have that masala flavour as the movie demand, which has composed by Berny Ignatious and the lyrics have penned by Rafeeque Ahamed.

 Jose Thomas hasn't implied the efforts that we can count or any special stuff. First half traverse mainly on humour and the later one completely goes out of touch. Scenarist Udayakrishna and Sibi K Thomas have again plotted the same as they have provided with their earlier scripts. The director and scriptwriter have given more preference to exaggerated level of comedy. Shaji's cinematography haven't given more attraction to the frames and the editing wasn't look in sync. For the banner of R J Creations, Jaison Elamkulam is the producer of Malayalam movie "Sringara Velan".

 If you have watched this Malayalam film "Sringara Velan", then do share your thoughts with us.....

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