"Idukki Gold" Malayalam movie review

The makers have tried to create the wistful affection which some friends have cherished during their old days. Aashiq Abu and team manage to pull of the initial moments, everything is there from humour to entertaining moments, visual treat to musical support.., all being covered up very well in the story telling. Somehow at last it feels that it could be much more better than this and there is nothing for striking or unusual stuff, still "Idukki Gold" is a watchable one.

 Story moves on with arrival of NRI Michael (Prathap Pothen), who lands up at Kochi airport and there he starts the nostalgic
journey of his past life that he lived 35 years ago. Michael goes to the daily newspaper office to place an ad about to find his old friends, who was with him during those days. With some more efforts.., Michael get response from two friends Ravi (Raveendran) and Madan (Maniyan Pilla Raju). In which Madan has his own farm and living separately after getting divorce from wife Shyamala (Sajitha Madathil). On the other Ravi is struggling with his photography career and haven't married yet.

 There starts their road trip to find two more friends who exist in their gang before 35 years, Antony (Babu Antony), who owns a restaurant in Fort Kochi and married to a french lady. Last one is Raman (Vijaya Raghavan), living with his son after the death of his wife. Raman was kind of involved in love relationship with his classmate and Raman's marriage happenings bring on more uniqueness around this gang of five friends. Now the story takes a rewind and takes us to these five friends younger times and comparatively with their today's time, which goes on with some twist and turn, where it takes you to the climax.

 Director Aashiq Abu definitely deserves the applause for presenting movie in his unique style without any major stars presence. Anyhow somewhere it feels that boozing has heavy impact on the plot and script from Shyam Pushkaran and Dileesh Nair deals on with complications as well as blissful moments. Shyju Khalid no words for this man for enigmatic visuals and the feel he provided with his composition is something pure. V Sajan's editing also maintained the level, while music also gave the fresh touch to the surrounding with the hands of Bijibal.

 Lead actors have done their best to match up the quality, where Raveendran and Maniyan Pilla Raju gave their fine parts to their respective characters, Pratap Pothen, Vijaya Raghavan and Babu Antony have done their characters as usual. Lal, Joy Mathew, Sajitha Madathil, Praseeda and others have just came for small roles and they did it convincingly. For the banner of Rejaputhra Visual Media, M Renjith is the producer of this film.

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