"Kaanchi" Malayalam movie review

"Kaanchi" Malayalam movie seems to have developed in accordance with well followed old set of rule in Malayalam cinema, here the case is different and the bullet fired from the gun has gone out of its aim. Jeyamohan, who has scripted some of recent critically acclaimed movies, totally misplaced the things and sum up with this mediocre story. Director also tries to convince the audience with visual attraction, but least to say all went vain. At the end, "Kaanchi" fails to sustain the charm, that has in its title.....

 Peringodan (Murali Gopy) known for his villainous approach and believes too much in horoscopes. Among his rich hobbies,
forecasting peoples future and find out whom pose a threat to his life. He has all list of people who may cause trouble in his life, even he has doubt on his younger brother (Shine Tom Chacko). On the other we have Madhavan (Indrajith), simple man earns his bread from small shop in village and his marriage is going to happen with Gowri (Maria John) and there we see some relation between Madhavan and Gowri.

 Meanwhile, Madhavan has witnessed a murder nearby his shop, which was donned by Peringodan. Things takes the twist when two arch rivals enters the life of Madhavan, where Peringodan threats him to not reveal his identity and stay away from this case. The victim's side happens to be the rival of Peringodan and they also threat him to tell everything about the murder. On this you have to watch how Madhavan tackles this situation, which follows the rest of the movie.

 Basically the script from Jeyamohan, provide no input with characters that match up the real impact and solely depends on rendering. Direction from G N Krishnakumar, exaggerated the stuffs and lots of visual gimmicks downfall the movie's narration. On the technical front cinematography looks good by Ravichandran and edits wasn't gave that perfect touch. Music also stays at average with Ronnie Raphael.

 Indrajith Sukumaran totally messed up his character and the way character was written or performance went out of place. Murali Gopy managed his character of baddie with something afresh to offer and the way he dealt the role is noticeable. Shine Tom Chacko does a good job with his supporting role, while P Balachandran, Archana Gupta, Maria John, Sathaar, Sudheer Karmana and others have given usual to their respective character. For the banner of Red Rose Creations, Haneef Mohammed is the producer of this film.

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