"Geethanjali" Malayalam movie review

Geethanjali Malayalam movie review.
All the brouhaha has come to an end with the release of "Geethanjali" Malayalam movie. The combo of Mohanlal and Priyadarshan fails to deliver the quality of the subject that they have pretend to deliver. There is nothing too much to gloat about this "Geethanjali", where the interpretation goes out of touch. Totally the outcome here is the mix match of some past movies. "Geethanjali" disappoints a big time and decide it on your own whether to watch it or not....

 Here the only difference is that twin sisters Geetha and Anjali, both the characters have played by Keerthy Suresh. Over to
that both Geetha and Anjali have the same love interest with Anoop (Nishaan) and when Geetha came to know that her love to Anoop has lost and envious of her sister's possession over him, led Geetha to end her life. As already decided, Anoop has all set to marry Anjali, but the accident of her mother invites many trouble for them.

 As Anjali's mother accident cause them to reach the house, which believed to be a haunted one. The people there believe that spirit of Geetha still surrounds the house. After reaching the house, Anjali and others starts to feel the presence of Geetha's spirit, thus create the psychic problems for Anjali. As suggested by Nakulan (Suresh Gopi in special appearance), Anoop calls up Dr Sunny Joseph (Mohanlal), to get some respite from trouble, which forms the rest of this story of "Geethanjali".

 Director Priyadarshan has tried to create the same ambience of "Manichithrathazhu", which burst off like bubbles. Here the story traverse through the same pattern that we have seen in "Manichithrathazhu". Most of the times the impression was to look serious but turns out a meagre one. Scripting haven't shown any signs of fresh one, same for the dialogues here. Cinematography and Editing wasn't look attractive enough. Vidyasagar's music is fine in parts, where the lyrics have been written by O N V Kurup. 

 As the movie promoted with Dr Sunny's comeback, but here you won't get too much of him. Mohanlal get into the perplexed mode, where he was juggling between the situation, to insert some newness to the character. Keerthy Suresh on her debut movie, get the best opportunity to showcase her acting and she does pretty fine in her own way. Nishaan don't find himself in tandem, while Siddique, Innocent, Nassar, Madhu, Ganesh Kumar, Swapna Menon, Harishree Ashokan, Seema and others have there for brief appearance. For the banner of Seven Arts International, G P Vijayakumar is the producer of this film.

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