"Philips and The Monkey Pen" Malayalam movie review

If you would like to experience your school days, then it's the right time to encash those memories with "Philips and The Monkey Pen" Malayalam movie. In a sense of kid this movie could turns out to be an awestruck as the movie has essential potential to engage them. Really appreciative efforts from newcomer director Rojin Thomas and Shanil Muhammed and their debut directorial venture "Philips and The Monkey Pen" worth your precious time and all we can say it's a thumbs up from our side.....

 The story goes on with the kid named Ryan Philip (Master Sanoop), who is a bit kind of hates numbers that comes in his
Mathematics books. Ryan always tries to find out the ways to deal with this situations and his naughty attempts lands him in trouble. Ryan's father Roy Philip (Jayasurya) and Sameera Roy (Remya Nambeesan) tends to show care for him, while Ryan's parents both Father and Mother hails from different religion. Roy Philip hails from Christian background, on the other Sameera came from Muslim family. Ryan also has his gang in school to pull off the legs of others.

 So here we have the old background Maths teacher Pappan sir (Vijay Babu), who still believes in the teaching methods exist during their times with some punishment for students. As a Maths teacher, Pappan sir has an image, which intensely disliked by students and Ryan often gets punishment from his hands. However things turn to change, when Ryan goes on to meet his grandfather Richard (Joy Mathew), who owns collection of antique items. From there Ryan Philip gets the monkey pen consist of supernatural force and what happens next, for that you have to watch movie.....

 As the movie is meant for children due to its fantasy factor, though movie also convince the elders as well. Script and direction from the duo of Rojin Thomas and Shanil Muhammed, seems to have lost sync in between some places, otherwise a brilliant attempt especially working with child artists. Technical department provide the full stretch, whether it is cinematography of Neil D' Cunha or editing cuts, speaks out the visual experience of this fantasy filled narration. Rahul Subramanian's music also develops the good amount of enjoyment.

 Well the movie definitely depends on smart performances from children's and their leader was Master Sanoop, who don Ryan Philip's character. Master Sanoop performed the character with perfection and the support from other kids has commendable. Jayasurya and Remya Nambeesan have done their characters with good approach. Vijay Babu, Joy Mathew, Mukesh, Innocent, Sasi Kallinga, Sidharth Siva and others just maintained the good show by supporting the cast. For the banner of Friday Film House Productions, Sandra Thomas, Thomas Joseph Pattathanam and Vijay Babu are the producers of this film.

 If you have read this "Philips and The Monkey Pen" Malayalam movie review, then do share your thoughts with us.....

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