"Punyalan Agarbathis" Malayalam movie review

'Punyalan Agarbathis' movie review
Two humorist Jayasurya and Ranjith Sankar have successfully weave the "Punyalan Agarbathis" Malayalam movie to the extent for what viewers would love to watch again and again. Nice blend of humour especially by ridiculing prevalent vices in our society. Thrissur slang is all out there to entertain you and it may remind you of some movies, but here the narration and presentation is top notch. You can't escape from the fragrance of "Punyalan Agarbathis"....., Entertaining one...

 The movie states the life of Joy Thakkolkaran (Jayasurya),
whose ambition is to achieve something big in business. He has his wife Anu (Nyla Usha), who supports him and both love each others presence in their life. Joy's companion is Greenu Sharma (Aju Varghese), a man filled with excessive zeal to do anything for him. Another one is Joy's grandfather John Thakkolkaran (Innocent) a source of inspiration for him and the main attraction is Agarbathi factory owned by Joy, which produce the incense stick made up of elephant dung. 

 Everything was going smooth, although the shortage of elephant dung effected Joy's terms with Devasom committee as they have shown their unwillingness to provide elephant dung to his factory. Now the matter reaches court and Advocate Sai (Rachana Narayanankutty) appears for Joy's side, hearing came as positive result (may be a laughter case because of Judge portrayed by Sunil Sukhadha), which permit Joy to continue his deal to obtain elephant dung. On a day, Joy has to transport elephant dung, while the place is observing celebrated harthal. How Joy overcomes this situation..., well to know more, you have to watch it....

 Ranjith Sankar has delicately crafted his story and transition from serious to satire deserves appreciation. Again scripting from Anil Kurian, Abhaya Kumar and Ranjith Sankar goes on the simple thread, where inclusion of issues with humour touch is noticeable. On the technical side everyone has contributed - visuals from Sujith Vasudev and editing of Lijo Paul, enrich the viewing experience. Bijibal and Santhosh Varma have done their best to produce the exciting songs.

 Jayasurya enacted the character in a striking way, especially in Thrissur slang and gave some good competition to 'Pranchiyettan'. Nyla Usha performs her role with convention, Aju Varghese did justified his character. Pleasing character was of Sreejith Ravi, who stole the show with his rendering, Sunil Sukhadha, Innocent, T G Ravi, Jayaraj Warrier, Rachana Narayanankutty, Idavela Babu, Irshad and others have managed their characters as required. For the banner of Dreams N Beyond, Ranjith Sankar and Jayasurya are the producers. It has been distributed by Central Pictures.

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