2013 : Mix and Match for Malayalam films

Annayum Rasoolum turns hit of the year
In the last 12 months Malayalam movie world has marking it one of the busiest years. In this vast scape, comedy proved to be economically successful at the box office, with the exception of a few commercial outings in other genres.

In Malayalam, comedies as well romantic films shone bright. Of the approximately 175 films produced, comedy-thriller Romans
and romantic-drama Annayum Rasoolum were two notable hits.

One of the first hits of the year was 'Annayum Rasoolum', which garnered about Rs.12 crore on an investment of Rs.4.5 crore while 'Romans' made on a budget of Rs.4 crore minted over Rs.15 crore, distributor Arvind Nambiar told IANS.

Malayalam films heavily rely on the domestic market, and therefore, usually don't turn in big numbers. Since most of these films are made on a budget of Rs.5 crore to Rs.10 crore, the percentage of films breaking even is high vis-a-vis other industries, Nambiar added.

Other hits of Malayalam include Kammath Kammath, Celluloid and Sound Thoma.

Kammath and Kammath gained box office success
Mammootty-starrer 'Kammath Kammath', a medium-budget film collected Rs.10.34 crore while Prithviraj-starrer biographical-drama 'Celluloid' managed to rake in Rs.4.57 crore. Films such as 'Sound Thoma' and 'Immanuel' collected Rs.8 crore and Rs.6.5 crore respectively, he said.

Films such as Mumbai Police, Bharya Athra Pora and Honey Bee were a few other hits.

Some Malayalam duds include Hotel California, 3 Dots and Housefull.

All in all, it could have been a better year.

Around 175 Malayalam films were released, of which comedies as well as romantic films shone bright.

Source: IANS.

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