"Bicycle Thieves" Malayalam movie review

'Bicycle Thieves' Malayalam movie review
Jis Joy directed "Bicycle Thieves" Malayalam movie has kind of intricacy involved in it and the makers have tried their best to keep the suspense intact. First half goes through the safe track, but on second half gears get shift to maximum and changes in no minute, which kind of displease the plot. Although movie seems to be identical with Tamil movie "Samar", meanwhile movie has its moments as well. Overall "Bicycle Thieves" is a good one time watch.....

 The story here concentrates around the life of Chacko (Asif Ali) who is living with his relatives after the demise of his
parents and equally frustrated out of relatives behaviour. Now he decides to leave the relatives home with his passion for bicycles, which he gets after watching a movie. To earn some bread Chacko has to find his way and he ended up meeting Bosettan (Salim Kumar), who used to run a shop and also a bicycle thief. Soon Chacko became the main among the gang which include Ramesh (Saiju Kurup) and Rahim (Bineesh Kodiyeri) to steal bicycles.

 The gang strike the big deal with a plan to loot a businessman, but the things get out of control when misconception takes place between them. There we see the end of this bicycle gang and separated their ways. Chacko moves on to another place and continued his act of deceiving people, thus leads him to a bank employee Meera (Aparna Gopinath) and as fate she fell in the charm of Chacko. Another character Kashi (Vijay Babu) came through the storyline, where the things shifts to twist, which forms rest of the part.

 Direction of Jis Joy controls the plot in a fine manner and gave a feel that execution could have been much more precise. The director himself has written the script of this movie. Binendra Menon's visual composition did enhance the scenes and same for the editing done by Ratheesh Raj. Songs are good with the hands of Deepak Dev with the lyrics of Kaithapram and Anu Elizabeth Jose.

 Asif Ali grabs the attention with his character and so does Aparna Gopinath continued her good show and the character suits her image. Vijay Babu deserves special mention here for his lawyer role and he managed it quite well. Aju Varghese, Saiju Kurup, Bineesh Kodiyeri, Salim Kumar, Vijaya Raghavan, Siddique and others have given their usual to their respective roles. For the banner of Dharmik Films, Dr S Sajikumar is the producer of this film, which has been distributed by UTV Motion Pictures.

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