"Chewing Gum" Malayalam movie review

Chewing Gum Malayalam movie review
Praveen M Sukumaran directed Malayalam movie "Chewing Gum" cause viewers to feel baffled in the middle. In a sense movie gave the feel that it could be more apt with the script, than result might be a different one here. Some good show from the cast and technical crew of this movie, while the perseverance is there from the maker to do it their own way. On the whole, we gave this movie a below average score and last its your decision to watch it or not.....

 Dinu (Sunny Wayne) hails from a village background, an inspiring youth deals with his moral principles and people
around him usually are that we see in realism. Dinu to cater his space move to city with profession of welding. His straight forward attitude is somewhat make his destination closer to meet a girl named Violet (Thinkal Bhal).

 Violet works for a NGO, which do the welfare of workers and the way she works influenced Dinu in many ways. Soon the two of them happens to love each others company, where Violet takes on the problems faced by the workers comes from other states. In this chemistry, Violet happens to visit Dinu's village, which kind of change the perspective of their relation, which takes you to the rest of this movie.

 The director have initiated the story with the lack of proper script and the task here is to take intellectual capacity to different conviction. The scene occurrence and dialogues have felt like messed up with bewildered scenario. Somehow technical fineness sustain in the visual composition work Sakyadeb Chowdhury and editing works of Renjith Kuzhur, fails to impress. Music also suits the atmosphere around the story and it has tuned by Jonathan Bruce with the lyrics of Praveen M Sukumaran.

 Sunny Wayne has done the lead character as hero and Dinu's character, find hard to fill the required instinct from him. Thinkal Bhal has manage to portray her character with look, otherwise in rendering it seems out of touch. Baiju Ezhupunna, Chinju Mohan, Gopal and others have just gave their average to their respective roles. For the banner of Think Cinema, Sudheer M Sukumaran is the producer of this film.

 If you have made it to this "Chewing Gum" Malayalam movie review, then do share your thoughts with us.......

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