"Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal" review

'Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal' movie review
Lal Jose misinterpret the whole tactics, where the things move on to retrogression after a while. This time with his new movie "Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal", director opts for preciosity rather than his usual conventional style. Script may be the reason that prompt makers to adapt this impression, otherwise it could have been much more better than this one. Altogether movie impart the story that intercept between, therefore we gave this movie a rating of one time watch.......

 Story revolves around the life of Aby Mathew (Dileep), which traverse through his past
and present by parallel narration. Aby is one of sought after ad film maker in the industry and had a past life that leave him in distress. After this past event, he finally accept the wish of his family to get married and he has been engaged to Model named Ann (Parvathy Nambiar). He decides to host a bachelor party and his marriage is scheduled to take place after seven days.

 Party over, Aby lands up at the house of his former love interest Sini Alex (Rima Kallingal) to invite her for the marriage. Both discuss their life partners life, where Sini is married to Tyson Alex (Murali Gopy), who is a boxer and his attitude is of uncultured type. The meeting between the two has result to the perplexed situation in Sini's life, which was certainly becomes more complex after Aby's second visit to her home and rest of what happened is movie all about.

 Director Lal Jose's pretentious approach affects the freshness of this theme, especially in second half takes more on chaotic conditions. Scenarist James Albert fails to strengthen the base field as the characters enter the frame without any proper induction. Pradeesh Varma gave a scintillating shots from his camera works, some good cuts from Ranjan Abraham. Songs are fine in parts and made up to the occasion, which has been given by team of Prashanth Pillai and Rafeeque Ahamed.

 Dileep has to enact the character in two shades that of a photographer and an ad filmmaker and he does it comfortably with his humorous approach. Rima Kallingal manages her character in convincing manner, while Murali Gopy and Parvathy Nambiar made up to their respective roles. Tini Tom, Praveena, Suraaj Venjharamoodu, Ambika Mohan, Harishree Ashokan, Arun, Sekhar Menon and others have done their roles as usual. For the banner of Small Town Cinema, Rathish Ambatt, Prakash Varma and Jerry John Kallatt are the producers of this film, which has been distributed through L J Films.

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