Review : "Escape From Uganda"

'Escape From Uganda' movie review
I thought that someone would raise the expectation bar, to my extent that won't happen here. "Escape From Uganda" starts off pretty shaky in the first half, but when it moves on to the later half equally raise the hope. The movie could have served a thrilling experience if its script get procured with right sense and the narration here seems to be of little depth. Rajesh Nair's directorial movie turns out a meagre one and it's a one time watch.......

 The center of this plot is Shikha Samuel (Rima Kallingal), who ran away from home with her husband Jayakrishnan (Vijay Babu) to Uganda and that happen because of her differences
with dad. The couple have a daughter and their life is kind of settling in new place with the help of Adv. Firoz (Mukesh) and Shikha's friend Angel. Jayakrishnan has got the job in restaurant as manager and here we have another character Gautham (Jojo) owns a construction firm, helps Jayakrishnan to get the employment.

 And there Angel and Shikha manages to open a shop, but things get in to the wrong foot with the murder of Angel and city Mayor's daughter (Anita Kyalimpa). Shikha falls as suspect for this murders and the police there detain her. As the matter involved with Mayor's family, which bring on nightmare for Shikha in prison. Now the story concentrates on the release of Shikha and how Jayakrishnan tackle this horrible experience to save his wife, takes you to the climax.

 Rima Kallingal was supposed to be the main protagonist and she does it with ease to bear the pain of character which fails to communicate that vibe. Vijay Babu has done a decent job with some mix up of stoicism. Mukesh, R Parthiepan, Jojo, Tashu Kaushik, Michael Wawuyo, John Bagenda, Wilberforce Mutete and others have managed their character with nice performances. Songs haven't found that touch with hands of Varun Unni and the lryics were written by Rafeeq Ahamed and R Venugopal.

 Rajesh Nair's second movie needs to be appreciated for the effort and the theme they have opts for. As we have earlier mention scripting part gave the feel of sluggishness and the outcome should have been much more interesting. Vishnu Sharma succeeded in adapting the exceptional shots from Africa and deserves the applause for that. Ratheesh Raj's cuts came nicely, while the background score of Gopi Sundar adds the value. For the banner of Vaya Films and River Nile Motion Pictures, Usha Rajesh and Girisch Nair are the producers of this Malayalam movie "Escape From Uganda".

 If you have made it to this Malayalam film "Escape From Uganda", then don't forget to share your experiences here.....

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