"Silence" Malayalam movie review

'Silence' Malayalam movie review
Shhhhh....., "Silence" all over when movie starts, which later on move to unpleasant experience and a thought that someone would break that silence. May be due to expectation that attached with this "Silence" Malayalam movie has caused that reasoning. V K Prakash takes on the intuitive understanding of viewers and tries to entice them with good frames. Altogether narrative lacks the intensity to attract and this movie turns out an average one....

 The movie opens with the life of Adv. Aravind Chandrashekhar (Mammootty), who is efficient enough to surpass his opponent,
to be the best in his profession. He leads all case, whether it is criminal or other, which placed him at the respectable position in High Court. His family consists of wife Sangeetha (Pallavi Chandran) and their children. At the same time he holds deep admiration for his senior lawyer Thomas Sebastian (Ravi Vallathol) and also gained him envious fellow members like Adv. Marcos (Joy Mathew).

 Now we see that Aravind Chandrashekhar has got the promotion as Judge of High Court and there his life takes the change, where anonymous calls began to disturb him and the unknown people tries to persecute his life. All these incidents force him to trail the path of truth behind, where the support of IPS Neil George (Anoop Menon) comes handy and together they dug up the murder mystery, the case now moves to different track, which forms the rest of this movie.

 V K Prakash approached his character with fine intention and the execution is there, but the charm fall short of prospect and his direction seems to be on repetitive platform. Y V Rajesh's script lags in terms of convincing one and the thriller instance fell out in questions. Something which has given the relief is unique visual composition of Manoj Khatoi, who deserves the applause and the editing of Mahesh Narayanan looks fine in parts. Songs are at the okay level with the hands of Ratheesh Vegha and Rajeev Allunkal.

 As always Mammootty performed his character to strength and the vibrant presence of him was there. Pallavi Chandran manages her character of wife and Anoop Menon grabs attention with his rendering style. Joy Mathew, Basil, Aparna Nair, Ravi Vallathol, Kavitha Nair and others have justified their respective roles. For the banner of Aysha Films, Afseena Saleem is the producer of this film.

 If you have made it to this "Silence" Malayalam movie review then do share your thoughts with us.....

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