"Vedivazhipadu" Malayalam movie review

'Vedivazhipadu' Malayalam movie review
What if the bomb planted turns out a fuse one...., that's the case with "Vedivazhipadu" Malayalam movie and this directorial venture of Shambhu Purushothaman mainly focuses to deride the customs prevails in the society. Excessive use of double meaning dialogues may spoil your taste especially in the backdrop of festival fun. The movie also has its moments and some good show from technical crew. Altogether "Vedivazhipadu" is a watchable one....

 Alright we have gang of three friends Sanjay (Saiju Kurup), works in a bank, next one is Rahul (Murali Gopy), who works
as video game tester and the third one is Pradeep (Sreejith Ravi), a stockbroker, who invest in the market with the help of another stockbroker Joseph (Indrajith). Now the atmosphere builds up with 'Aattukal Pongala' and their respective wives decides to attend this festival. Now these guys have whole one day to enjoy their own way.

 Sanjay's wife Rashmi (Anusree) works as TV Journalist and she has to report live for the channel. Pradeep's wife Vidya (Mythili) is a French teacher, on the other Rahul's wife is Radhika (Anjana Haridas), a typical better half. Two of the men join Rahul at his apartment, who's on his way to his flat with another woman played by Anumol, to make merry of this opportunity. Rest of the story concentrates on how these guys perverse to this situation.

 Murali Gopy and Indrajith performed their characters as usual and seems to be not that challenging for them. Saiju Kurup and Sreejith Ravi have provided the needed flavour with their mannerism. Mythili find herself messing up with emotions. Sunil Sukhada, Anumol, Anjana Haridas, Anusree, Ashvin Mathew and others have justified their respective characters. Bijibal has succeeded in creating the atmosphere with the background score.

 Shambhu Purushothaman hasn't evaluated the narration as it goes fine till the first half, but in later half it goes down with expectations. The last part falls on the same pattern that usually we have seen in past Malayalam films of these category. That way we can say that it is half cooked and the visual composition is brilliant from Shahnad Jalal, so does the editing looks subtle. For the banner of Karmayug Movies, Arun Kumar Aravind is the producer of this film.

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