Review : "Mannar Mathai Speaking 2" movie

'Mannar Mathai Speaking 2' movie review
If you are anticipating too much from this sequel then you will only get disappointment. Mamas directed "Mannar Mathai Speaking 2" concentrates more on clumsy attempt to bring on the smile. The movie fails to sustain the distinctive characteristics of its previous versions. However movie has its moments as well, which do provide some humour elements in here and there. Altogether this second part of cult comedy movie, is a one time watch.....

 The movie traverse in present conditions where importance of 'Urvashi Theaters' haven't diminished yet. Mannar Mathai (Innocent) is now the owner of Urvashi tours and travels, which he began after the bad
days gained through drama troupe. His companion and partners in every hilarious stuffs, Gopalakrishnan (Mukesh) and Balakrishnan (Sai Kumar) are there for him in this new venture also. On the other hand, Mathai has his dreams to restore the stature of 'Urvashi Theaters'. To mark the silver jubilee of his troupe, Mannar Mathai has all plans to make it a big event, where he plans to organize a drama.

 Firstly Gopalakrishnan and Balakrishnan are not much keen with all these development, but later on they also agreed to be the part of drama. There begins the search for a driver, who can converse English pretty smartly and an actress for their drama. Now the gang of three turns to five with the entrance of Nithya (Aparna Gopinath) and Unni (Basil). With this the narration takes a twist with Mahendra Varma (Biju Menon) and Ramji Rao (Vijaya Raghavan) enter the plot, which follows the chaos....

 Mamas could have offered a lot in terms of scripting but it seems that he maintained the same route that adapted with previous manner. Sequels are subjected to careful consideration as expectation levels always stays high. This series has been known for its humour, but here that also remain meagre. On the technical level movie sustain to quality with visual frames, which has been cranked by Vishnu Narayanan. Music by Rahul Raj, covers up to certain extent.

 Mathai's character seems to have missed that zeal, Innocent tried his best to convince that he is still that 'Mannar Mathai' of previous ones. Mukesh was there in the uncomfortable zone, affects his characters rendering. Biju Menon somehow gave some good space with his dual characters, same for the character summarized by Shammi Thilakan. Aparna Gopinath, Vijaya Raghavan, Janardhanan, Indrans, Basil, Priyanka, Kalabhavan Shajohn and others have done their characters as usual. For the banner of SJM Entertainments, Siby Thottupuram and Joby Mundamattom are the producers of this Malayalam movie "Mannar Mathai Speaking 2".

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