"London Bridge" Malayalam movie review

'London Bridge' Malayalam movie review
Everything was there from beautiful foreign place to charming actors, advance technical equipment to flavour and this has been all to entice the viewers, but sorry to say "London Bridge" Malayalam movie deviates from its main narrative that is 'amour'. On this bridge of Anil C Menon, you have to tread pretty carefully because its foundation lacks denseness. At last, we give this movie a thumbs down from our side and rest is all yours.....

 Alright movie here moves through Vijay Das (Prithviraj), who has struggled a lot to achieve businessman status. He is very impressive in looks and a positive attitude
man, where he needs to meet everyone regarding his money lending business. He consult everything with his best friend and adviser Francis (Mukesh) to go ahead with his spacious life. Then Vijay needs to recover some debts from one of his clients, reference to this he decides to meet business tycoon C S Nambiar (Pratap Pothen).

 Meeting between the two develops a special respect for Vijay in views of C S Nambiar. He finds that Vijay is a nice guy for his daughter Pavithra (Andrea Jeremiah), who is kind of benevolent in nature and she wants to serve the society. Vijay didn't love her, but agrees after seeing the fortune that he is going to get after marriage. On this juncture, Malayali nurse Merin (Nanditha Raj) ingress into the life of Vijay, which twist the story to another level, which takes you to the climax of this story.

 Here the problem is with the narration, where first half seems to have kept things in tandem and later half just goes too melodramatic. Director Anil C Menon doesn't even maintained the essence to brag that it's a romantic cinema. On other, Jinu Abraham's script too looks contrary and didn't even complement the newness. Thanks to some pictorial locations that have save the credentials with Jithu Damodar's visuals. Rahul Raj composed songs also stays at average. It seems that schedule breaks have affected the outcome of this movie.

 Prithviraj does all his efforts to inject life to his character, but didn't suit his rendering style. Andrea Jeremiah managed it quite favourably with her role. Nanditha Raj was real disappointment may be because of dialogue dubbing goes out of sync. Pratap Pothen looks cool as cucumber and does the needful to support his character, while Mukesh, Sunil Sukhada, Lena, Prem Prakash, Amritha Anil and others have made it to their respective characters. For the banner of Ordinary Films, Satish B Satish and Antony Binoy are the producers. Central Pictures have distributed this movie across the theatres.

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