"Gangster" : Classy 'Range Rover' for Mammookka

Mammookka will drive classy Range Rover car
Well all have been said and written about this new Malayalam movie and the character Akber Ali Khan is all in news, while his look has been kept secret. He kind of produce quaver, when he enters the scene...., the anticipation among Mammookka's fan have buzz up. Latest news is that Akber Ali Khan will ride classy car 'Range Rover' and it all will happen for the movie "Gangster".

 Aashiq Abu and Mammootty are uniting after the movie "Daddy Cool"
and this prestigious project has been in the line for the past two years. The movie has gone on the floor from January and it is expected to release around the festival of Vishu. As many movies have saw the importance of vehicles in Malayalam cinema and again this will create that attraction needed for this film.

 87 model 'Range Rover' car is being owned by director Aashiq Abu's production house OPM Dream Mills. Reportedly this car had arrived in the market during 1960's, which garnered vintage status with its classy look. Mammootty is playing the character of Akber Ali Khan. The movie's shoot is on schedule and the locations are Ernakulam, Mangalore, Rajasthan and Hyderabad.

 Aparna Gopinath and Nyla Usha are the heroines for this movie, while Sekhar Menon, Jayan Rajan, Kunchan and other newcomers include the cast. Vishnu Sharma is the man behind the camera works, while music has designed by Deepak Dev. Well this movie has aroused a curiosity among the movie lovers and for that one will have to wait for the movie's release......

 Beware..., "Gangster" craze at its peak..... !

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