No divorce, now everything is normal between Priyadarshan and Lissy

Lissy and Priyadarshan divorce issue
By putting aside all the speculations about their divorce, Indian film director Priyadarshan and former actress Lissy have all settled the issues within them. In an interview to a leading publisher, former actress has all revealed this by stating that 'We have now everything normal between us, I and Priyan will again looking forward to living together'.

 She also mentioned that 'It is true that we had some differences over
ownership rights of 'Four Frames' company, but it had not reached at point that we got divorce. The reports of asking 80 crores were all absolutely false'.

 On this coming Saturday with the match of 'Kerala Strikers', Lissy and Priyadarshan will make their public appearance. 'From this Saturday, we are going to start a new life.', asserts Lissy Priyadarshan.

 Earlier on this issue Priyadarshan had come up with the statement that 'there are issues between us, but divorce news is totally false. we have some normal issues that everyone does have in their life'.

 It was also reported that director has some link up with an actress. Reportedly matter has been resolved now, as Lissy told during the interview.

 Well this has been a good news for M-Town, especially after Manju Warrier and Dileep divorce news.

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