Prithviraj takes up the distribution of "7th Day"

Prithviraj's August Cinema to release '7th Day' movie
Prithviraj's latest Malayalam project "7th Day" is going to be fresh with subject as well as presentation. Another announcement from the makers is that this movie would be distributed through August Cinema. Already the film has dazzled the hype with its first look posters, while its lead character 'David Abraham' and its figure has became the talk around netizens.

 August Cinema is co owned by Prithviraj, which will look after the
distribution works of this movie. The film has gone on the floor last month and It is being directed by Shyam Dhar. Janani Iyer, Rahul Madhav, Vinay Forrt and others include the cast. Sujith Vaasudev is the man behind the camera works, while music has been given by Deepak Dev.

 Prithviraj is all excited about this project, while he also points out that his last release "London Bridge" Malayalam movie was meant to be a romantic one. Last years movies had come from different genre and you can't expect same from every film. Meanwhile critics have gave this movie a negative ratings and it seems that the actor will now take care of his future projects.

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