Review : "Pakida" Malayalam movie

'Pakida' Malayalam movie review
It is really a missed opportunity, Sunil Karyattukara directed "Pakida" Malayalam movie wasn't shown that depth which could have turn narrative style to its peak. The dices thrown in this game haven't got fully utilized, thus script too looks shaky in terms of convincing visual depiction. Although we can't ignore this one for its half-hearted attempt, movie has its moments as well. All we can say that "Pakida" is just a disappointing one.

 Story here moves through good for nothing engineering degree holder
Aadhi (Asif Ali), who can go extreme for his friends. The gang of five friends (Asif Ali, Aju Varghese, Vishnu Raghav, Sajid Yahiya, Anjo Jose) are all there to have fun in their life and they have their own vintage Contessa car to roam around. Aadhi is not in good terms with his father because of Aadhi's way of living was not acceptable to him.

 Everything was going fine and then we get to know that one of Aadhi's friend had met with accident, which leave them in a financial crunch. To overcome this situation, they decide the sell of their motorcycles, but they didn't find any buyer. In this frustrating position, Aadhi came on to meet mysterious man George Koshy Anthraper (Biju Menon), who offer him money, in return Aadhi would have to accompany him to Madurai. Rest of the story moves through their travelling to Madurai and happenings in between their journey.

 The direction shows no signs of sustaining mysterious atmosphere around the characters. As we mentioned script struggle to convey narration, whether it is climax or dialogue delivery all fizzles out. Sunil Kayattukara tried some new generation stuffs like slow motion, which haven't seems to suited the occasions. Sameer Haq's cinematography deserves a mention and the way he captured the frames is appreciable. Songs are there with nice touch with the hands of Bijibal, Rafeeq Ahamed and Jophy Tharakan.

 Asif Ali has done his character as usual and the role was apt for him. Biju Menon was totally misplaced with his character, where he stumbled to carry the attitude of mysterious guy. Shine Tom Chacko, Malavika Nair and Assim Jamal are there with their good supportive characters. Aju Varghese, Vishnu Raghav, Apoorva Bose, Sajid Yahiya, Anjo Jose, Renji Panicker and others have made it to their respective characters. For the banner of Sagar and Seagulf Productions, Sagar Shereef and Kartha Seagulf are the producers of this Malayalam film "Pakida".

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