Director P Ramdas passed away

Director P Ramdas passed away
The man who gifted first neo realism film to Malayalam cinema, Director P Ramdas passed away today (Mar.27) at a private hospital in Kottayam. He was 83 and ailing from old age problems. It was his dream to present a valuable visual experience for Malayalee and that gave birth to the movie "Newspaper Boy" released in the year 1955.

 It was also credited that team behind this movie was a group of students and the proceedings for the shoot has began way back in 1949. It was the another face of socially relevant issues
persist during that time in Kerala. "Newspaper Boy" film's script was based on the short story prepared by P Ramdas, who was just 18 years when this all dream emerged in his mind.

2007's J C Daniel Award was conferred to P Ramdas. Some nice memories behind his film was then popular writer Nagavally R S Kurup had prepared the dialogues for just 1000 rupees. He also acted in the movie along with actors Veeran, T R Omana, K Madhavan, Adoor Pankajam, Miss Kumari.

 We remember this visionary personage for his valuable contribution to Malayalam cinema......

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