"Gangster" Malayalam movie review

'Gangster' Malayalam movie review
Even though the film hasn't come off well due to poor script, but still have to admire that director Aashiq Abu has coined a visual amazement, which is adorable. I haven't seen such a huge response for any Malayalam movie, which has got a world wide release. We have to move ahead in terms of global scenario and to revive Malayalam film industry, we need some experimental stuffs and from my perspective "Gangster" Malayalam movie is watchable one for its technical brilliance.

 Al Pacino effects starts here, Akbar Ali (Mammootty) had seen that bad phase
where his family get massacred in the Mafia war. At the point of his life, where he gained his maturity and there lies a vendetta for all those cruel people, who have created havoc around him. This sends off message about emergence of dreadful Mafia don in Mumbai. Now the focus shifts to Mangalore, where he has to face established Mafia dons there as well.

 In Mangalore, Akbar Ali comes in pact with two gangsters Mani Menon (Kunchan) and Uncle Sam (John Paul), but things started to take sudden change with the entry of Uncle Sam's godson Anto Pandhare (Sekhar Menon), who can do anything to make money. Anto has planned something else that is not acceptable to Akbar Ali, citing huge profit from this business the other two turned against Akbar and the rest of the story follows how he emerge from this situation.

 It is true that expectation level was very high, nevertheless as i said technical brilliance put on something different effect. Aashiq Abu's freshness in presenting characters is there, some of the scenes (especially one that of cup scene) speaks it loud about his talent. Ahmed Sidhique and Abhilash Kumar could not done justice to the script and it traverse through predictable lines. No words for cinematographer Alby, who captured true senses of this theme. Ajayan Chalissery's art direction was fantastic and the animated parts have added more flavours.

 At this age, one must admit that Mammootty stole the show (not with his acting) with his dashing 'don' look and character's majesty was there. I don't think someone from Malayalam industry could match up to this stylish level and persona. Apart from that Nyla Usha and Aparna Gopinath haven't got too much to perform. Sekhar Menon has bluffly maintained that villain's character, while Kunchan, Scenarist John Paul, T G Ravi, Dileesh Pothan, Hareesh Peradi and others have given best to their respective roles. OPM Dream Mills banner are the producer.

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  1. From an action film, we usually expect some suspense, thrill, energetic performances, punch dialogues, lively incidents, 'kidilan' stunts etc. But all these factors are unbelievably missing in this attempt. The problem is that of a lifeless & boring presentation of a weak story line which looks not convincing enough. Nothing new is offered in this routine revenge drama which we have seen in many other films. Mammotty has adopted a slow motion acting style which we have seen in his own film Big-B, but it looks pathetic in this film.

    1. @Raphy Joseph...., It is about time, sometime it works and sometime it doesn't. Anyway thanks for your valuable opinion...

  2. worst film of the year


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